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Steve Doumar

Steve is a thought leader in the tele-services sector, having pioneered development of the at-home agent model by co-founding LiveOps, Inc. in 2000, which has since grown to over $130M annual revenue.
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Shelly Kinder
Director of Customer Relations

Shelly has been responsible for all facets of Customer Relations. She has extensive experience with Managing customer databases, Responding to all types of Customer inquiries, investigated and resolved service issues and/or product problems, performed customer verification and processed applications, orders and requests.
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Tim Keyes

From 2004 to 2013, Mr. Keyes was first COO, then CEO, of Runaware, Inc., a company specializing in online software demo solutions and Cloud Computing initiatives.
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Randall R. Kies

Former President and COO, Malibu Pier; former SVP Growth and Development, Lark Creek Restaurant Group; and former VP Foodservice, LiveOps; Randy’s professional background includes 20+ years of global operations and marketing with PepsiCo, Procter Gamble and Clorox.
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Ron Levitt

Ron has extensive experience in the financial services and payments processing space, having brokered several transactions in the past 5 years as a Partner in Noblett & Associates. Prior to Noblett & Associates, Ron served as the Director of Finance and Business Acquisition’s, for MCI for over 10 years.
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Leigh Scherer

Leigh has worked with successful startups for the last 15 years since starting at LiveOps as its first marketing officer in 2000. Bridging the gap between operations and marketing is her sweet spot.
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